HeLlO! My NaMe iS SaRaH! iM 15 aNd i GO To CyCrEeK! YaY


Sunday, June 29, 2003

HeLLo! i havent written my journal in soooo long! my computer crashed a looong time ago from Downloading a Virus onto Kazaa on accedent, then i crashed the laptop somehow too! lol oops! but now everythings better. my summer has been very fun and busy so far! and i finally learned my lesson about wearing sunscreen too, bc i always get burned real bad, but this time it was TERRIBLE and it was a 3rd degree burn, and i had to go to the doctor. lol its okay now bc it went away. ah everyones been outta town this week, so ive basically just been hangin out with ally Lizzy Zach and johnny. The other day me and ally drove to the woodlends mall and shopped alllll day long! it was fun and we didnt even get lost for once! yesterday me and Lizzy took her brother and his friend to Splashtown for the day. lol splashtowns not as fun as it used to be..its all little kids now..ehh it was okay tho. me and johnny have been hangin out a whole lot latley-like everyday. i like him alot he always puts me in a good mood. i Looove the CrAzY iN lOvE song sooo much! lol i keep listenin to it over and over, i dont think it can get old! aw last night i saw Melissa at the exxon! i havent seen her since school! thats the bad thing about summer, you dont see people..lol tomarrow i have to go to the hospital for the Volenteer thingy that i signed up for a long time ago but ive been puttin it offfff forever, its just that 6 hours seems sooo looonnnggg ugh. ooo well lol..i Looooooove driving.if only i had a car..lol im gonna go shower and get ready for whatevers goin on tonite i guess! byeeee i LoVe YoU! -SaRaH-

i had soo much fun when jeanie was here! shes my sista
me n ally go to pAdRe soon!

sugga how ya get so flyyyyyy!?

Tuesday, May 13, 2003

ah well today was a pretty good day! i got to wear my new pink skirt so thats always fun! today was also fun because ally came and picked up me casey lauren meredith and lizzy from school! i just got home from babysitting from 4-6...and my daddy just left to go get me some chick-fel-e! my grades suck so bad, my mom was like "sarah go study, bc your not gona be too happy when you have c's on yer report card and you wont be able to drive when you get your liscence!' crappppppp i need to get crackin on all this crap. its really hard to concentrate whenever thre is 11 friggin days left of school!! the other day me and zachery watched 8 mile, and now i cant stop listening to Rap music! hahaha..that movie made me mad because it like had NO end! i hate movies like that! guess what?! my birthday is next thursday! yes i know that is exciting! Lizzys tryin out for a play tomarrow so everyone pray for her!<3 omgosh its soooo friggin HOT outside! geezzz..AHHHH i get to go to BONHAM and see jeanie on Friday! yayyyy!!! i g2g tho! bye guys have a lovely evening!
*-->>§ @ ® Ä h<<--*

CuZ i WouLd gIvE eVeRyThInG ThAt i oWn...
iD GiVe YoU My HeArT aNd ThiS SkIn AnD ThEsE BoNeS...
ThE SuN ThE MoOn ThE eArTh ThE SkY ...
iD NeVeR eVeN StOpPeD tO WoNdEr WhY...
*i WoUlD Do aNyThInG*
*i WoUlD GiVe eVeRyThInG*
*To Be YoUr eVeRyThInG*

^^i Love that song!^^

Saturday, May 10, 2003

GoOd MoRnInG sUnShInE! im sittin here at Laurens house and everyone just left, me and Lauren are the ONLY ones left!last night when my dad let me drive to laurens i was too busy changing the radio station and i ran over a curb. lol my dads direct quote was.."that was NOT a good thing." haha wwwooooppss! last night was fun, we saw alotta people drivin around. we went to the mall and walked around for a while and then saw my friend patrick driving and he told us to meet him at best Buy to go to some party with him haha...buuuut nope it didnt happen! then matt and steven stopped by for a lil bit and then we got a call that there was a party in falls, so me and ally tryed to get there with ashleys directions but got lost. lol nothing worked out. then we came back here and MEREDITH came and we chilled with her for a lil bit. i always have fun with that girl! around like 1ish we walked to ihop,and on the way mere smashed a bannana on my head..if youve ever had bananna smashed in yer hair then you know how discusting that is lol... but when we got there the cop told us to leave bc it was past cerfew! uugggh so now im here and me and Lauren are about to go get ready to go to the galleria to get a sWiMsUiT! bc thats right...its SUMMERTIME!!!!! YaY!

wensday night at Lizzys house was really fun! lol i love sleeping over on school nights! even tho we did alot of hw like LTD crap and Geometry, it was fun bc i Always have fun with my Girls!!
woah im gonna be able to drive in 12 days! YYEHHAWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!
the whole pig dissection thing has totally grossed me out and i never want bacon agian. poor piigys.

well kiddos im headin out so have a fantastic weekend ill check ya lata! peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeace!


wow its laurens brothers birthday today. this mornin i took the mega phone and sang really loud HAPPY BIRTHDAY to him. yea he thinks im a freak that fails my driving test and sings to him. its fun tho haha woohooo

Sunday, May 04, 2003

well my last entry was a little on the down side lol, so i'll make this one bRighter! my weekend was pretty fun, very busy! doo doo doo..

::on fRiDaY:: i went over to erics house to swim and stuff and then afterwards i slept over at Laurens casa and everyone was over there like always,so thats always fun. woohoo yay for laurens house bc its the best.

::SaTuRdAy:: after lizzy got home from her lil tea party thingy, we went and turned in my aplications for summer jobs,and then Later that night me Lauren eric herold and steven and lizzy went to Zacherys house to watch some movies (some movie about a killer toothfairy haha) and then me and lauren and lizzy left and went to sleep over at Lizzys house. Her parents are in cancun so she has some lady staying with her at her house, so she didnt care what we did really. so at like 1:30 am we left and went to Dennys with the boys...(and me and lauren snatched us some menus...we need to stop. lololol but it ssooo fun) and then we came back and went to bed.

::SuNdAy-tOdAy:: i woke up and left Lizzys house at 715 in the mornin for church...adn then after church i went out to eat with the familia and then the dude with the mullet left (CHYESS i get my bed back thank god.) then brian came over and helped me with that testilation project for geometry...and we decided to go see lizzy at her pool she was lifegaurding at. well um..we went all the way down Beltway 8..like farrrr and got lost.and turned around and came home. haha pointless,but it was a fun adventure.

i get to go see JEANIE and JOANNA and everyone in two weeks!!! im so excited bc i LoVe ThEm!
my birthday is in 18 days!!!! woohoooooo :)
schools out in like 23 days!! SUMMER!!!!!!!

well im about to go see whats for dinner and maybe head over to Zachery's house to see what that boys doin. BYE I LOVE YOU! <333

*iF YoU CaNt GeT SoMeOnE OuTtA YeR HeAd, MaYbE ThEy'Re SuPpOsEd To Be ThErE*

Saturday, May 03, 2003

okay so here's why im not the normal happy sarah::
Lizzys mom is in CanCun this week, and she has a NCL tea thingy to go to...so she asks my mom to be a "subsatute" mother for the tea party...they go and have a fun bonding time together. you know how you tell your best friend secrets that you dont really wana talk about with your mom,liek thats what a best friend is for...the other day i walked in my house and her and my mom were talking on the phone...lol i duno its kinda like get your own moooooooother becuase me and my mom arent even that close and i wish we would be but i duno why but i kinda block her out..and i dont even mean to...like she;ll be like "hows your day sarah, whats wrong" and ill be like "nothing dont worry about itt" like real short..ahhhh why do i have to be so mean to her. i dont mean to i promise.and it seems like my mom likes lizzy more than she likes me haha weird huh.."why cant you be more like Lizzy sarah" from now on im gonna try and be closer to my mom lol how stange-im competing with lizzy for my mom. ahhhhhhhi duno its just kinda weird and i guess this is sounding pretty childish and gay...but thats what a journal is for-whining lol

Wednesday, April 30, 2003

ahhh im in the best mood ever!! i thought that this week was gonna suck-but it hasn't! today everyone thought that TAKS or TEKS or whatever the heck we;re doing was easy except for me lol...today was an eassyy day we like didnt do anything in any of my classes,which is fun. okay next subject...
OMG yesterday yes sooo funnn!!! it was merediths birthday so Mere lauren rachel and michelle came and picked me up in Mere's new Montaro Sport and we drove around to peoples houses! then we picked up Lizzy to go out to eat to Joes's Crab Shack and Ally met us there in HER new car! aww at dinner, it was just like the old times with the old crowd-i miss hanging out with you meredith! then as we were leaving Joe's..Lizzy ate it sooo bad in the parking lot hahahhah it was funny. lol poor Lizzy,then after everyone was dropped off, me and ally drove around and went to Andrews house for a lil bit. ah im next to drive! 22 days baby!
i promised Lizzy that i would burn her a cd today, so i guess ill get to that right now--bye! <3 SaRaH <3

Tuesday, April 29, 2003

HoLa! i just got home from school and im drinkin some lemonadeee and listenin to some good ole tim mcgraw!! i had an alright day i guess! i woke up suuuuper late and didnt get to school until like right before the belll rang! woo...guess what!! today is MeRe's birthday!!!

HaPpY sWeEt SiXtEeNtH BiRtHdAY MeReDiTh aLLiSoN MeYeR i LoVe YoU!!!

ah tomarrow we start all those tests eekkkkk! dude my cellphone died today and i LOST my charger! what to do!!?? i think its at lizzys house actually..hm ill have to ask her. omg theres 21 more days until my birthday!!! ill get my licence! how AWESOME is that!!? i have another bruise on my leg from zachery's friggin biting habits-so i belive thats TWO now...lol aw man i just thought of the sign in the library that me and lauren were supposed to take to put in my locker! haha mannn we'll have to go get it toamrrow!

me and my little brother have gotten alot closer this year! its kinda cute bc he always comes and asks me what to wear to school and what looks good with what and what he should wear to the movies with a girl lol! i guess sibiling rivalry is normal tho!...i remember whenever he was little one time he got a remote control car and turned it on and put it in my hair, and i had to cut it off! lol i was so mad...my mom told me that i steal too much lol(LAUREN CORRUPTED ME) but we just take like lil gay stuff like menus and ihop and no smoking signs at restraunts haha she told me this is where it starts and that im gona be a car stealer when i get older haha..we'll see! well i need to go do some homework now so that i can go out with meredith in her new car! yay!! bye guys have a nice day!

Sunday, April 27, 2003

HEY! today was a good day, nothing really exciting-just a normal MoNdAy! i just got home from del pueblo for spanish extra credit! loootsa people were there, it was funny because me and ms amy goetz DONT know spanish whatsoever! lol great stuff...
well eric wanted me to dedicate this journal to him so..here it goes::

ThIs JoUrNaL iS DeTiCaTeD tO eRiC GrEgOrY mUeLLeR!
Eric is such an awesome kid! even though i just met him a couple weeks ago! hes so easy to talk to and he makes me laugh! hes my text messanging buddy..so throughout the day i always get lil "hellos" from him! hes a badass skater and he enjoys putting straws in my mouth during movies haha...me and him are gona go sKy DiViNg one day! i guess thats about it! luv ya eric!

byeeeeeeeeeeee kiddos have a nice evening! :)

Thursday, April 24, 2003

eww its really icky and mucky outside-its DiScUsTiNg. omg im SOO ready for this week to be overwith! even though its a "short week"-meaning 4 days-its felt sooo friggin lonng!! the spanish TEKS test is really hard..lolim scared that im gona fail it. everyone says that spanish one is super-duper easy so maybe im just dumb lol..today lauren and michelle were on a feildtrip so we couldnt go have our BaDaSs advisory! so that sucked..haha this morning i woke up at 6:30-and left the house to catch the good ole' bus at 6:40...lol i think thats a record!

everything is FINALLY all cool with me and ally-and im sooo happy because no matter how many lil gay fights we get into, she will always be one of my bestest friends:) we always seem to make eachother laugh when one of us is upset or mad. haha she does this look like "dont talk to me-yer the gayest person in the world" kinda looks..and it makes me laugh sooo hard like almost pee my panst laugh. ha i duno why.

lol alright guys-i know my locker is the "community locker" and everyone is welcome to it, but um..im missing a history book so thats kinda a problem, so if anyone has my history book could you please return it to my locker?!

i have to go work tonite at 6-i dont feeeeelll like it! maybe no kids will show up this time like last time, that would make me very happy. well i guess thats all the news i have for today! byeee <3SaRaH eLoIsE<3

Wednesday, April 23, 2003

hello! wow i havent written in this in a whiillee... lol this week has been full of drama and arguing so far..i dont really wana get into it tho bc its all resolved and alright now!
i had a very good day today..nothing exciting really happend, i just had a all around good day! i have a new text messaging buddy! eric!!! yay hes a really cool guy...hm i have all these bruises on me...like six of em..i swear im like the most accedent prone person ever. all the holocaust stuff that we;re learning about in english is REALLY super sad and depressing, i dont liek it, it upsets me :( hmmm so this weekend?! LIZZY wont be busy this time! yay she hasnt hung out with us in a reallllllyyyy super long time so thats exciting!! i want to go to the ZOO! like seriously. lol woah i switched from subject to subject randomly on this journal entry..sorry if yall couldnt keep up! but i gotta go try to understand geometry...byeeee *SaRaH*

Auto response from Aggiegal7: dont waste ur time hoping...make something happen otherwise just forget about it..things happen for a reason
^MeReS RiGhT...MaKeS yA tHiNk HuH?!

Monday, April 21, 2003

aw i dont wana go back to schoool tomarrow...we gota take all those teks tests eekkk....yay this weekend was sooo fun!! last night at laurens allll these people showed up and we went and had a sHaViNg cReAm fight on the golf course! oommg i dont think that ive seen that much shaving cream before! NeXt tImE itLL bE wHiP cReAm BaBy-haha right lauren!?! lolol and me n zach busted some flows..wooo PHATzach and skankySaRaH ...gmmmm then today we walked to SUBWAY and then went to the park and played baseball! aw i love my bestest friends! yeppp im about to go to sleeeppp so i can wake up tomarrow! so goodnight i love you!!!!

Sunday, April 20, 2003

HaPpY eAsTeR eVeRyOnE! i just got home from church...lol for the second time today bc i had to go teach at faithbridge at 730 this morning..then i went with my family! mm i smell turkey and dressing from the kitchenn... ive had a pretty awesome weekend so far!! i love 4 day weekends! on friday lauren slept over and we hung out with aron jeff matt zach brian matt katie and pamela! and we went to IHOP at like 1 am! it was pretty fun...then on saturday laurens mom took us to the HoLocaust museum for english extra credit..omg it was SOOO sad...then she took us to this realllly good pizza place called *StAr PiZzA* yummyy...then later that day i hung out with lizzy and her grandparents! woohoo....i saw allys new car yeserdy-its sooooo cute! lol well i guess im gona go eat lunch now soo have a great easter and rest of the 4 day break!! <>

Wednesday, April 16, 2003

even tho i didnt have the best day myself,it makes me really happy that i could help someone else to make there day better. that really makes me feel good ab myself...today ally showed me a quote and told me it reminded her of me...

aLLyBaBe212: I wanna be remembered as the girl who smiles even when she's had the worst day of her life, and as the girl who could brighten up YOUR day even when she couldn't brighten up HER OWN....that quote reminds me of u!

last night, me and ally got in a argument, it was the first time in a LONG time...we're good now and im happy, i hate fights-they make me sad...when me and ally fight it never lasts long, bc we have a way of making eachother see things from eathothers points of view and we work it out...i love it. and now me n nick are better and we;re friends.wow i was in a crappy mood last night... My grades BLOW bigtime..and my parents are really mad, there always like sarah go stuuudyyy..your brother has straight A's..you should set a good role model on charlie...THATS BECAUSE HES IN FREAKN 6th GRADE! i bet i had kickass grades in 6th grade too! they dont understannndd... man tomarrow i wanted to go to this Tomball coed sleepover thingy with ally and kale, but i have to work..uughh gayyy....oh well i get to see my favorite lil 3 yr olds! well i guess i better go STUDY for history and spanish, lol yes sarah is gona study! <3 mE <3

Tuesday, April 15, 2003

helllo! well today at school i kinda had a crappy boring BLAH day....but then after school johnny and his lil brother came and picked me up and we went to TCBY!! haha his brother is soooooo funny! " do you like parfeits?! bc i loooove parfeits, i havent met ne one who doesnt love parfeits, thats from ShREk, hes HaLaRiOuS!!" haaa " hey do you want some semen!? where is yer SEMEN fountain located mr?!" hahha then we went to zachs and talked to brian and zach, then we came here and played some football! yep! well thats about it! byeeee guys i LoVe YoU!

Monday, April 14, 2003

GUESS WHO JUST PASSED HER dRiViNg TeSt?! SARAH ELOISE SMITH DID!! woohooO! lol the driving guy was gay tho, bc he wouldnt let hayden use his permit bc it was supposivly the wrong one, so he made him get outta the car...so i had to drive by myself with the dude..hmmm...yes i am very happy. today was an okay day...i like couldnt stay awake in any of my classes tho..soo tired! report cards come today..eeekk! im scared..man i have to babysit today from 6-9:30...i dont want to :( but the kids are cute, so its all good. yay four day week this week! i have to work thursday from 6-9...but i guess thats not too bad bc i can still go out after that. Lizzy is always so freakn busy, and i never get to see her anymore..she always has life gaurd training! damn lifegaurd training. lol well i must be going now! byeeeeeee

Saturday, April 12, 2003

hm..its like 11 and i just got home from babysitting! wow..i think i babysit way to much. oh well-moola in the el banco for sarahs el carrooo....babysitting was very easy tonite, he went to bed at 8 and i watched BRING IT ON and MY BEST FRIEND'S WEDDING-my 2 top favorite movies! yep sounds good to me! this morning we walked to the donut shop...ha i had nooo idea it was so far away! it took us like an hour to get there..lol it was an adventure...dude lauren bought a pink DUCK today at the mall, i wana see it! i hope that this week is fun...bc everything is so freakn boring lately haha...i complain too much. i need one of me and allys pity partys..tht always cures everything..i think im gona go call that girl lol i gotta go <3 SaRaH <3

Thursday, April 10, 2003

HeLlo! ally reminded me to update my journal! so thats what im doing! today was a very good day!-except for my headache-...im finnnnnalllly finished with all my projects...so thast a relief, i didnt have to present my scrapbook today, it was fun lookin at everyones! i have to work tonight..so that kinda sucks bc i dont feel like it..haha i was locked outta my house today for about 30 minutes..so i was just sittin outside on the phone with aly until my brother got home. you know those times in yer life when its kinda just 'blah'...yeah thats about how it is for me right now...nothing is going on with my boy-life...i just go to wake up, go to school, come home, do hw and go to bed..and do it all over agian..im ready for soemthing ExCiTiNg and uNeXpEcTeD to happen right about NOW!....but im reallllllly happy with all my friends right now..i seriously have the best friends in the world..i guess im really lucky bc if im upset, i have someone i can always talk to, someone that will always be there for me. thanks guys:) ive been talkin to johnny alot more latley, and its nice bc me n him used to be like best friends..then we just kinda stopped talkin..yep...well im gona go RE-DO my friggin labels on my flower project, and then go out to eat and work at 6..ByE hAVe A LoVeLy aFtErNoOn!

*iF wE dIdNt HaVe BaD DaYs, The GoOd OneS WoUlDn'T Be CoNsDeReD aS GoOd*

Tuesday, April 08, 2003

today was a very good day! it was a lazy day...it was so freakn cold in every one of my classes...the day i DIDNT bring a jacket geeezz! after school, i stayed after for *StUdEnT CoUnCiL* ( YAYYYYY) and then came home, went to brians house and finsished the scrapbook with katie and brian! yay it was fun..like the old days! i miss ole brian! haha tomarrow is his bIrThDaY! yay! along with AuStIn! woohoo i love birthdays! lol ...speaking of birthdays..mine is in ONE MONTH and 14 DAYS! oh yeah, and i sceduled to go and take my driving test agian on monday with hayden..ahhh im scaared..wish me luck!! hm its 9, and im goin to bed...GoOdNiGhT KiddOs! <3SaRaH<3

Sunday, April 06, 2003

HeLlO! this weekend has been pretty badass i guess...fRiDay we went liek everywhere..it was interesting..then slept at Laurens casa...at like 3 am we walked to iHoP! it was sooo weird cuz there were liek familys eating there?! liek it was normal or soemtrhing to go eat as a family at 3 in the freakn morning!? straaaaaaang...SaTuRdAy we woke up..and washed laurens brothers car!( and took it aroud the block a couple times haha ooo rebels) then came in and ate yummy pizza..and went on a walk, then my mom came and got me! i missed her! she was outta town since like wensday! then that night was kinda blah...i walked to zacherys house and him, brian,eric, and john were down there..we just kinda stood outside(i got beat up on alot as usual..) then i came home and ate dinner and scott and johnny stopped by! and i watched a movie and went to bed...SuNdAy this morning i went to church..and now im about to go to the mall and get that pink skirt ive been wanting and go out to lunch and get my hair cut. lol i hope they dont cut off too muchhhhh...scaarey....dude allys gettin a car! Yayy exciting! hm maybe i should go take my driving test. im scared lol ...byeeee <3
*eVeRyOnE pRaY FoR ThE KiDs iN ThE aCcEdEnT tHIs WeEkEnD*

Wednesday, April 02, 2003

well today was an alright day! at lunch, all these people started to dance on tables so that was fun to watch..hahaha...then me and lizzy and ally n lauren stayed after to try to learn how to do all this geometry shit for the test tomarrow..and brandon picked me up and we did some of our scrapbook project! i think that mr johnny gross is comin over later! yayyyyy i miss that boy! i dont think that jeanie is comin this weekend ne more..that makes me sad:( TOMARROW are sTuDeNt CoUnCiL eLeCtIoNs! ahhhhhh scarey! dude my lil brother went crazy with april fools crap...he put seran wrap over the toilet seat, on the other toilet he put vasaline on it, he put cat food in the ice maker thingy...he put a bucket of flour above my door so that when i opened it-it would fall on me...sooo gayyyyy im glad its over! my house is now safe haha...i guess im gona go work on my scrapbook some more! bye guys! *i LoVe YoU*

Sunday, March 30, 2003

hello! yay this weekend has been soooo fun! fRiDaY at laurens was pretty cool even tho ally went to bed at 10 haha...then SaTuRdaY we went to HaRwIn to go shopping! i got lotsa pretty new necklaces..then ms bourle took us all out to lunch, then me n ally discovered that hannah the hawiian hermit crab died-i didnt knwo you had to buy her a new shell when she got too big for it-so we buried her in my backyard lol, then we went to the mall with mere to help her pick out a dress for this thingy thta she was goin to that night...then we went and babysat ( lol across the street from eachother!) and scott n johnny stopped by and talked to us for a lil bit. then we stopped by zachs to 'socialize' with ppl lol...so now i jsut got home from church n im about to go to zacherys to do a spanish project, then im goin to the mall! then working at 6..wooooo fun and busy weekend! bye i hope yalls was as fun as mine! .oOSaRaHOo.


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